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I write and publish picture books, fantasy fiction, detective stories, essays and surreal web fiction. If you like what you read below, I'd love to hear from you.

Barking Babies! Speeding Grannies! Haunted Gold!
It's Sycamore Family Tree!

An interactive picture book for iPad

Ever wondered what your grandad did before he was your grandad? Or what your mum gets up to when she's at work? And where exactly does your cat go when he's out at night?

We are always on the look out for stylish, off the wall contemporary and inventive apps and this one absolutely ticks all the boxes.

The App Puppy

Let Hannah Sycamore take you on a guided tour of the family home, from the haunted attic to her basement darkroom. You'll meet the whole family, including a barking baby, a champion chocolate chomper and the fastest granny on four wheels!

Its illustrations and animation has a real charm, and there are elements for your kids to tap on and interact with too.

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Selected Short Stories

Quiet as a Mouse
I’m not sure why I did it. Sure, the window was ajar and all the lights were out. And I had been drinking. But that’s not a reason.
The Embarrassment of Rubuthnot
Could I have prevented what happened? Perhaps. But what happened to Rubuthnot was his own fault. I am convinced of that.
I am ridiculous to you – deformed, abnormal, inhuman. Why do you see me as a beast? I am a man.