Setting up a website

Three essential services you'll need before creating your website

A web address

Every website needs an address (e.g. or This address, also known as a domain name, is your unique location on the web. In order to claim a particular address, you need to register it with a domain name provider. You pay the provider an annual fee for the exclusive use of the address. Just like renting a property, if you don't pay on time, you risk losing the address to someone else.

A hosting account

Put simply, a website is a collection of files. In order for people to access those files, they need to be stored on a computer that is always connected to the internet.

Web hosting companies rent out space on these computers (aka servers). Hosting plans are usually payable monthly or annually.

An email service

If you register a web address, you can also use it to create email addresses (e.g. When someone sends a message to one of these email addresses, you need a service to receive the email and send it on to you. A good email service allows you to check your emails easily – usually via webmail or by downloading your emails to your computer, tablet or phone.

Step four of three

Once you have all these services in place, you'll need to set up the website itself.

Some providers offer a hosting plan which includes a generic website for you to customise. If you want something more individual, you'll need a web designer to create a site for you.

Recommended providers

Domain Registration

It's advisable to register your address directly with a domain name provider and not as part of a hosting package. Unless you have control of your domain name, it can be difficult to transfer away from an unscrupulous host.

Namecheap – Addresses from around £6 per year


G Suite by Google – from £3.30 per month

Hosting & Design

I provide competitively priced hosting and design and can help you with the process of setting up your site, ensuring that you stay in control at every step. My hosting prices start from £10 per month.

Why not contact me with your requirements, or read more about the services I offer.