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Ben Manley


"Frederick" wins Teach Primary Book Award

The Misadventures of Frederick has won the Key Stage 1 Category at the Teach Primary Book Awards for 2020.

Book of the Year for me.
Brough Girling, Judge

When making their selection, the panel of judges considers how the book could be used in the classroom. ideal way to start pupils thinking about the difference between formal and informal language - could they rewrite Emily’s letters in the same style of Frederick’s, and vice versa? How might that change the story?

For this reason in particular, it was a real honour to receive the award (alongside illustrator, Emma Chichester Clark) and fantastic to think that our book will be brought into more classrooms as a result. I look forward to seeing what creative work comes out of this wonderful endorsement.

Our publisher, Two Hoots, also won the Early Years category with Morag Hood’s hilarious Brenda is a Sheep.

The full list of winners, runners-up and shortlisted titles can be found here